Building a home network

This section of my main site ( follows my development of a home network.  Hopefully this should prove interesting for geeks, tinkers or an average home users.  The articles discuss my progression and decision making process for building a fully networked home.  Primarily this focuses on wired type infastructures, however there is provision for wifi within that construct.   I’d be delighted to get any feedback so if you have any questions, suggestions or comments then feel free to feedback to me on the usual modes ( comment on the post or twitter).




Toronto 2011 – Real Sports Bar


Sports Bar Giant Screen

If you’re visiting the beautiful city of Toronto, and like either beer, home cinema, sport (both or all), then you need to at least stop for a half pint at the Real Sports bar. The screen must be 20 foot across if not more, dotted around with tons of other sports screens.  The main game in town is obviously the NHL, but my god I’d like to watch some F1 or Champions League on this badboy.