New tracts and the first bite of the Elephant

I’ve been working in the networking and WANX space now for about 8 years, and after a while, new technology gets to the point where you think- I’ve seen this before.  I’ve never been very good at doing the same thing again and again, life is way too short and I get bored way too easily.  With that in mind, I’m making more of a push into something I started on a few years back- virtualization, both of compute and networking.  I did my VCP training course at Caledonian University in Glasgow a few years back, and I loved it, but didn’t give it the time I needed.  With my new role in my company, I’m back on the books and determined to get into something new.

My plan is to sit my VCP550 in late March this year, and then spend April and May learning the transition from VSphere 5.x-> 6.0 and take my VCP610 exam.  After that I plan to complete my CCNP R&S (I’ve already done my SWITCH exam, so it’s a case of sitting ROUTE and TSHOOT) to get that box complete, it’s not like I don’t have the knowledge just about getting to doing the exam.  As well as all this, I have Riverbed to recertify, am dropping my Ipanema and Aruba, and somewhere along the line I need to pick up my ITIL Expert (already became ITIL foundation certified in February).

The long term aim is definitely to move into the DC and SDN space – I have an idea to undertake the VMware NSX certification line, and eventually look to be :





ITIL Expert

It’s going to be a busy year – something I look forward to!  But you don’t eat an elephant in one bite, so first things first – VCP550 24th March  🙂

Toronto 2011 – Real Sports Bar


Sports Bar Giant Screen

If you’re visiting the beautiful city of Toronto, and like either beer, home cinema, sport (both or all), then you need to at least stop for a half pint at the Real Sports bar. The screen must be 20 foot across if not more, dotted around with tons of other sports screens.  The main game in town is obviously the NHL, but my god I’d like to watch some F1 or Champions League on this badboy.