iPad Nano : more than a shrunken iPad

We’ll since my non-Mac loving partner has pretty much swiped my iPad 2, I’ve taken the plunge and bought an iPad Mini.  I preordered in the UK last week (25th October) and received the device at 10am on Launch day.

The first thing you notice about the device is that it’s obviously an iPad, but I was really surprised at how different it feels in the hand compared to the iPad 2 on which it is based.  The change in form factor, with the smaller side frames really changes how you hold the device and interact with it.  The extra sensing for the thumb on the glass takes a bit of getting used to coming from the full size iPad, but is a welcome addition that works really well to prevent unintentional inputs.

I went for the black and slate iPad: I’ve never really been a fan of the Apple white products…. they always seem to age badly in my humble opinion.  I was able to quickly setup the device from my iCloud account, and restore it as a perfect copy of my now lost iPad 2.

I’ve only had the briefest of chances to play with it, but it looks like they may have yet another run away hit on their hands.  I’ll update as I go.