Getting more serious about a social footprint

I’ve decided to really get serious about a social profile again.  With continued interest (read stupidity) about maybe doing more than just having fun with a camera, I’ve taken the decision to invest in my extra curricular activities.  To that end I’ve picked up a copy of Mars Edit let’s see if it’s £27 well spent 🙂

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Beginning to loose count of my beginnings

So my old wordpress install decided to have a meltdown. Something went wrong in the server, and long story short no end of fixing could get it working. With work and life getting more and more busy, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep my online presence in the state that I would like it to be. I still believe it’s both a powerful tool, and a powerful outlet to have a blog, and it’s something I’m therefore keen to keep up with.

The last rebuild of the site was pretty poor, and I simply didn’t post enough to make it interesting for anyone to read. I’m going to learn from my mistakes, and not try to include too much cool stuff. Instead I’m going to focus on having a good twitter feed integrated, flikr for photos and post regularly.

As I write I’m in toronto, so that should give me some good content on which to start posting. I’m also finding myself more and more drawn to Spotify, which just starts to make so much sense. I hope that this time the blog sticks, and I stick with it, but only time will tell