Apple’s Strongest Line Up for Years? – tell the analysts

Apple Inc

As the ever vigilant and dedicated Apple fiend, I find it hilarious as a demonstration as to just how OTT the analysts go.

Apple have got easily the strongest product line up across the board (with the only gaps that you could mention being the Mac Pro and perhaps the Apple TV) and yet despite this, and the fact that they reported the strongest quarter ever, the analysts still knock the share price. Seems to me there’s too many of these guys over inflating Apple’s aims for the quarter – no doubt in a couple of years they will be expecting the iTimeMachine: and then moving to a sell rating when it doesn’t materialise.

The iPad MiiniFurther more, when they respond to Analyst’s calls for products (case in point the iPad Mini) – they are critisied for doing it as a panic move. Really a company can’t win: perhaps they can use some of that 125Billion + dollars to buy some counselling to get over the hurt πŸ˜‰

What any rational human being can say without bias is that there’s never been a time for Apple when their lineup is so strong. The iPod Nano and Touch are as good as they have ever been, the iPhone 5 has given us the long awaited larger screen with custom silcon and LTE, the iPad has gained the 7 inch product as well as the best in class 9.7 inch pad, and the basic Macbook and Macbook Pros are doing great business, with the new Retina systems further increasing the German esque premium brand. The Mac Mini is now as powerful as the 2010 Mac Pro and only getting better, whilst the iMac is looking just as svette as ever, and now even thinner. The transition from optical media to the cloud is completed, we’ve got interfaces that will last the next decade and the OSs (both OSX and iOS6 are both just becoming more polished with age.

Add to this a strong cash position, the ability to quickly integrate Intel’s tick tocks and the ongoing advancements in ARM – as well as remembering that a port of OSX is probably already running on ARM hardware, and it paints a very vivid picture of success to come.

Oh yeah: and they have Sir Jonny Ive πŸ˜‰

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