Winter Walks- Canada December 2013

We took advantage of the gorgeous sunny days to enjoy the snow with Shirley’s dog Crystal.  We get ice and snow in Scotland, but nothing like this.  On the day of our arrival, we managed to skirt a band of freezing rain, which by the second day of our holiday (Saturday 21st) had turned into one of the worst freezing rain storms of the last 100 years that Toronto had ever seen.

Whilst there was a lot of destructions, with many trees breaking under their own frozen weight, it did make for some pretty spectacular shots.  I took the picture using just an iPhone 5S camera, in HDR mode and little if no editing in Apeture, I’m quite proud of it if I do say so myself.

HDR Stop Sign

A Canadian stop sign captured in HDR using Apple iPhone 5S camera, and slight retouching in Apple Apeture 3.0

Toronto 2011 – Real Sports Bar


Sports Bar Giant Screen

If you’re visiting the beautiful city of Toronto, and like either beer, home cinema, sport (both or all), then you need to at least stop for a half pint at the Real Sports bar. The screen must be 20 foot across if not more, dotted around with tons of other sports screens.  The main game in town is obviously the NHL, but my god I’d like to watch some F1 or Champions League on this badboy.