Glasgow – Bars, Cafes and Restaurant – WiFi for the workers – I – League Table

I’m happy to see that Wireless internet is becoming prevalent in a lot of business in Glasgow.  I’m not talking about crappy 2 or 3 meg services, but useful speeds 20+ Meg.  I’m starting a league table for these.

Redmond’s of Dennistoun (currently #1)

304 Duke St, Glasgow G31 1RZ

Down: 93.2

Up: 13.7

Redmonds of Dennistoun - broadband

Redmonds of Dennistoun











St Lukes

Calton, 17 Bain St, Glasgow G40 2JZ (currently #2)

Down: 27.9

Up: 13.6

St Lukes, Gallowgate

St Lukes, Gallowgate